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Property Maintenance

The management agreement sets the parameters in which we can operate on your behalf. Since you are the owner of the property, you have a legal responsibility under state law to maintain the house in good condition at your expense. You cannot expect the resident to pay for repairs that are not their fault. Owners pre-authorize us to perform up to $500.00 of maintenance on the property without express consent. Anytime the cost per repair or sequence of repairs exceeds that amount, we must secure your permission. That is why we need to maintain your most current contact information. In the case of an emergency, we will use every means available to us to contact you. If we are unable to, for whatever reason, then we will only perform maintenance to the extent that is required to protect life and/or the property.

If the resident does damage the property or in some way incurs costs for service at the property that are not your responsibility, then we will charge the resident the full costs possible under state law.

One of our issues in the past with maintenance was scheduling and communication between the parties. To help improve that process, we have partnered with a resource for managing maintenance called PropertyMeld!

Through this service, we are better able to manage the communication between residents, vendors, management, and even owners in real time using email and text messaging. Residents can contact us during office hours and through our after-hours emergency voice mail system that we maintain 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Our after hours service, Abodea has been an incredible addition and benefit for our residents and staff. They answer the emergency line live during the hours we are closed (nights and weekends) and communicate with property managers via email, phone, and text messaging to make sure that only true emergencies are dispatched after hours and those that are true emergencies are promptly addressed to minimize damage to the property.

HVAC Filter Delivery Program

PURE Property Management of Georgia Realty Management has contracted with SecondNature to implement a resident benefits package that includes an HVAC filter delivery program, where PURE Property Management of Georgia Realty mails the Tenant the exact filters they need for the heating & AC system every 60 days. Quality filters that are the right size for the house are sent directly to the resident’s front door at the right time. This will help residents save 5-15% off of their heating and cooling bill. Clean filters help the HVAC unit run more efficiently and create a healthier living environment! The best parts of this program is that regularly changing the air filters is an important part lengthening the life of the HVAC system and reducing costs to maintain them. And on top of that the resident pays for this service!

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What Sets PURE Property Management of Georgia Apart
From Other Management Companies

The professionals at PURE Property Management of Georgia are just that, Professional Real Estate Managers. If you bought your property as an investment, you want the property to be managed to its highest and best potential to produce income and increase in overall value during your ownership period. If you are converting your personal residence into a rental property, then you need to have a management company with experience in assisting investors with turning the family home into the family business.

Our staff are trained and educated in the policies, procedures and methods of classical real estate management from the very best industry sources. They then convert this training into results for you that fit your goals and objectives in the ownership of the property we will be managing for you. We are not sales agents that just need to have some income until real estate sales improve. We have decades of experience being professional property managers for thousands of investors just like you and will still be here once the sales market improves!