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Marketing The Property

Marketing the Property
  • Professional Level Photography
  • Vacant and Move In Ready Immediately
  • Online Listings
  • Yard Signs

It has been said repeatedly “a picture is worth a thousand words.”However, the real analogy should be, “a great picture is worth a thousand words because a bad picture is worse than no picture at all.” Photography has certainly become an important part of our marketing. We will only use great photos of your property when posting on the internet.

We utilize professional level Nikon D-SLR’s to document each room and all exterior views of your property. We use a super wide-angle lens to capture the most each room has to offer, and we also use Nikon’s Creative Lighting System to show your property in its best light.

As members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), we ethically edit your photos to look their very best and incorporate them into the listing, along with a virtual photo tour of your property set to music and posted on our YouTube channel.

While we still place a yard sign, if the community permits, we depend primarily on the internet for sources of potential residents. Our website generates over several hundred unique visitors a day. We post your property in detail with professional photos to almost a hundred different rental listing websites. The properties will be viewed an average of over 125 a times a day over the average thirty-day period from all of these listing sites.

When residents contact our office in person or by email, they will receive a detailed description sheet and a link to schedule a viewing. Our staff works diligently to follow up with all prospective resident leads to take full advantage of the marketing in place.

Online Advertising Exposure

PURE Property Management of Georgia is committed to make our staff work smarter, not necessarily harder! True to this commitment, we invest heavily in our technology so that we can level the playing field and attract as many potential residents to view your property as we can. In addition to the PURE Property Management of Georgia Realty Management website, we distribute your property to almost a hundred different rental listing websites worldwide including; (1st Multiple Listing Service);; Trulia; Zillow; Zumper;; Hotpads; among dozens of others!

Showings are now being coordinated through All prospects are prescreened in a call, text or email before being able to see your property. This results in qualified potential applicants viewing properties and cuts back on people “just looking”.

We are excited to have "virtual flyers" available to all prospects who drive by your property and just see the sign, when signs are permitted. Standing beside our standard "For Lease" sign will be an additional sign displaying a message instructing the prospects to text for details. Prospects will send the text message and receive a reply in less than 5 seconds. Within this message, any internet-enabled phone will be able to download a short flyer to see photos, a brief description of the property as well as the ability to send us a message or call the office while right in front of your house.

We stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and marketing methods so that we can reach the broadest market possible so that as many potential prospects will be able to find and see your property!

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What Sets PURE Property Management of Georgia Apart
From Other Management Companies

The professionals at PURE Property Management of Georgia are just that, Professional Real Estate Managers. If you bought your property as an investment, you want the property to be managed to its highest and best potential to produce income and increase in overall value during your ownership period. If you are converting your personal residence into a rental property, then you need to have a management company with experience in assisting investors with turning the family home into the family business.

Our staff are trained and educated in the policies, procedures and methods of classical real estate management from the very best industry sources. They then convert this training into results for you that fit your goals and objectives in the ownership of the property we will be managing for you. We are not sales agents that just need to have some income until real estate sales improve. We have decades of experience being professional property managers for thousands of investors just like you and will still be here once the sales market improves!