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How To Screen a resident

PURE Property Management of Georgia complies with the provisions of all Federal Fair Housing laws and we will not discriminate against any applicant, occupant or resident of any property at any time based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (gender identity & sexual orientation), disability, or familial status.

Each potential resident will submit to our office a detailed application. This “snapshot” will tell a prospective resident’s income, how stable his/her job/career may be, and his/her current & previous rental or housing history. Finally, we pull and review the resident’s credit history, primarily to verify that all the residents have told us about themselves is true and correct.

We require that applicants have monthly income of at least three times the monthly rental amount, that they have honored all current and previous leases, and have paid in full and on time. As for their credit, we do not expect potential residents to have purchaser quality credit. We love it when they do, but it is just not likely. We therefore expect there to be some issues with their credit, and we have limitations on what sort of credit we can and cannot work with. Sometimes an additional deposit will be required, and in other cases, we may have to deny applicants completely.

Approved Applicant

Once the applicants are approved, and before any lease is signed, there still are a few final tasks that must be completed in the make ready process. These include but are not limited to the final yard maintenance, lock rekeying, touch up clean, move in pest treatment, checking smoke detectors for proper operation, and making sure all owner possessions are removed from the property.

Lease Closing

We have a system for finalizing the leasing process that is unique to our area. We set an appointment with residents to come into our office or meet virtually via Zoom, and we conduct a “lease closing” with them. It is very similar to the process you went through when you purchased the house. We utilize this time not only to just go over the lease, but we also use it as an orientation time to review all of the policies and procedures that they must abide to during their time with us. All monies due to begin leasing any property with PURE Property Management of Georgia must be paid in certified funds by cashier’s checks or money orders. Our insurance does not allow us to accept cash. Along with the lease, we will be taking care of the lead based paint disclosure, a form to use when it is time to give their thirty-day notice, and the move-in inspection form. After the closing, we will be emailing you a copy of the signed lease.

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What Sets PURE Property Management of Georgia Apart
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The professionals at PURE Property Management of Georgia are just that, Professional Real Estate Managers. If you bought your property as an investment, you want the property to be managed to its highest and best potential to produce income and increase in overall value during your ownership period. If you are converting your personal residence into a rental property, then you need to have a management company with experience in assisting investors with turning the family home into the family business.

Our staff are trained and educated in the policies, procedures and methods of classical real estate management from the very best industry sources. They then convert this training into results for you that fit your goals and objectives in the ownership of the property we will be managing for you. We are not sales agents that just need to have some income until real estate sales improve. We have decades of experience being professional property managers for thousands of investors just like you and will still be here once the sales market improves!